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Grant’s Law Firm is uniquely positioned to advise individuals, start-ups and small business clients, to offer them premium, individualized legal services without a premium price. We use advanced office techniques and technologies to reduce staffing needs and employ other cost-saving measures to reduce our overhead. When you need a practitioner with a very specialized focus, we retain experienced colleagues having that particular expertise on a contract basis. Thus, our clients receive large firm, top-notch legal advice, but at reasonable small firm prices. The cornerstone of our success is the quality relationships that we maintain with clients.

Business Attorneys
Grant’s Law Firm can help you form and file your business structure from start to finish, whether you have selected a corporation, a limited liability company (LLC), or a partnership. We recognize that business owners are not only concerned with the everyday operations of their business, but with also having to prepare for its future. We are dedicated to providing hands-on, client-focused service to the people and businesses of Riverside County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County.

Intellectual Property Attorneys Patents & Trademarks
New ideas are the fuel of progress and the foundation of success. Grant’s Law Firm will help you protect your ideas so your business can thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. We cover all areas of intellectual property law—patent (including international patents and pct patents), trademark (including international trademarks and Madrid protocol), copyright, trade dress and trade secrets. Our Lawyers have extensive knowledge in the areas of intellectual property, licensing, litigation and related disciplines.

Business Branding Attorney
An important part to the success of every business is the coordinated branding of your company’s image, which requires more than just finding marketable products and services. This requires reserving appropriate Internet domain names and the use of word marks and logos to protect a company’s trademarks. We can help you to select the proper names or words and phrases that can be protected and are available to you for branding and marketing purposes for your business.

IP Transactions and Licensing Attorneys
When you hire Grant’s Law Firm law firm to consult on intellectual property issues, we can offer you more than just intellectual property advice. We have broad experience in general litigation and licensing. This means that, when we are advising you on intellectual property matters, we can also help you strategize to achieve your business objectives.

Patent Counseling and Registration Attorneys
Our intellectual property attorneys counsel clients in developing and implementing patent strategies and protection programs. We consult with you on your patent opportunities, conduct patent searches, prepare and file patent applications, prepare opinions and see your project through the myriad of potential prosecution hurdles to seek registration from the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

Proper Management of Intellectual Property Portfolios
We counsel our clients on the management of corporate intellectual property portfolios so as to maximize the extent of their protection and minimize the risk of infringement. In addition, we serve our clients by preparing, filing and successfully arguing the validity of patent and trademark applications, conducting due diligence investigations, and representing our clients in patent, trademark, copyright and all other intellectual property disputes. While we strive to avoid litigation where possible, when necessary, we provide effective and competent litigation as an essential part of our legal representation.

IP Audit Attorneys
Let Grant’s Law Firm can assist you in creating an inventory of your valuable intellectual property by conducting an IP Audit. Our experience has shown that over time, businesses develop a number of valuable IP assets. However, ownership may be in the names of different organizations or people within the organization, or insufficient efforts are employed to protect these valuable interests. Through our cost-efficient approach, we can help you create an inventory of all of your present, future and past intellectual property assets and make recommendations on how to best safeguard and protect those valuable interests.

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